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Marcus : These two will love and cherish each other dearly.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

Loyalty and devotion is not the problem for the double Fish combination. The obstacles may lie in getting these two moving. Pisces is often so laid back and cool, some may say wishy-washy, that this relationship may be in danger of petering out prematurely. These two gravitate to each other naturally and are very compatible, almost on a telepathic level. Pisces have a great gift of being sensitive to others feelings, and these two will play off each other beautifully. David: A pair of emotional, dreamy Pisceans can relate in ways that escape others.

Pisces and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Unfortunately, probably no one. The love relationship between Pisces women and Pisces men would be exactly like a dream. Both of them have similar thoughts, similar ideas and similar feelings.

Both of them like to keep to themselves and would want to have an emotional connection before anything else happens. Both of them have similar ideologies and hence would get along great.

5 Things a Pisces Does When They Have a Crush

There would however be one problem. Both the Pisces men and women live in dreams and are not practical at all.

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Both might face some problems in terms of practicality in life, keeping in mind the money issues and others as well. These two as a couple have the same goals when it comes to friendship. Due to this a very strong bond between the two of you will be created. As we know relationships take time and work, but with patience this combination can create a lot of unconditional love.

The devotion between you both will be real and positive. These will be an interesting first few weeks that can grow towards a more long-term relationship if wanted. You know which thoughts are prevalent in your mind, but you want to stop yourself from thinking further about it.


Get out of this uncertainty and keep it for later whatever you wanted to confess to your special friend. If you tend to put any repetitive dialogues then it may prove fatal for the survival for your relationship. Do not let your partner be mistaken that you are insincere towards your relationship. Impose on your partner and reveal to them the warm feelings you hold for them.

Pisces - Pisces Love Compatibility

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