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Like their mom, they are curious, social, and interested in the world around them.


They'll love their mother's sense of humor, and she'll be fascinated by her child's flair for the dramatic. This child's warm, open-hearted spontaneity and playfulness can open a Gemini mom's heart and add stability to her life. Gemini moms must remember that their Leo children need to be the center of attention. A Virgo child is serious, picky and shy. Though adaptable, they are not flighty like a Gemini mom.

They have common sense, pay attention to details and thrive on order and routine, none of which are a Gemini mom's strong suit. They are quiet and observant kids, especially when there are a lot of people around, while their mom is outgoing and talkative.

Gemini - Aquarius Compatibility

Even a Gemini mom's penchant for making plans and changing them is likely to drive a Virgo child mad. For her Virgo child's sake, a Gemini mom must go against her nature and try to stick to set routines. Libra children are active and mild-mannered. Like their Gemini mom, they seldom want to be alone. A Gemini mom and a Libra child are both witty and curious. They enjoy interacting with others, which means playdates, parties and lots of fun friends. They're both indecisive but for different reasons; mom needs to change things up and a Libra child wants to please everyone.

However, there's no better mom to teach a Libra child not to care so much what others think than a Gemini. A Gemini mom is very different from her Scorpio child. These children are deeply sensitive, innately suspicious, stubborn and emotionally intense. By contrast, a Gemini mother is restless and has a variety of interests. Mom lives in the outside world of shallow activities and seldom hides anything. A Scorpio child leads an interior life and never reveals anything that's going on.

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A Gemini mom may never understand her Scorpio child, but she can talk to them openly and honestly. She can ask about their dreams and encourage them to discuss their feelings. Sagittarius kids are open, carefree, and funny. Like their Gemini mom, they are fun-loving and always up for an adventure. Their desire to go wherever they want aligns with a mother who encourages her children to explore life freely.

The best connection between them is their shared love of learning. A Sagittarius child is interested in the big picture; they ponder and ask questions. A Gemini mom is about facts and figures, more than willing to flesh out what they're wondering about.

Gemini Love Chart

A less permissive figure in the family can add focus and grounding to the Sagittarian child's life. A Capricorn child can be a gift to a Gemini mom, who provides her children few rules and boundaries. Capricorn children seem to be born knowing about limits and working hard, but they know little about having fun. These kids can take care of themselves by the time they start school. As incompatible as these two seem, this combination works. A mom who's not really into parenting has a naturally responsible child who can parent themselves. A carefree mom can just let her Capricorn children be themselves and still teach them how to have fun.

A Gemini mom and an Aquarius child are both curious about different people and places, and neither is particularly cuddly. An Aquarius child is attracted to anything unique and unusual. A Gemini mom will love taking this child anywhere and having an amazing time exploring the world through their eyes. Aquarius kids are intellectually stubborn and march to the beat of their own drum.

All a Gemini mom must do is give their Aquarius child space and time to explore their innovative thoughts and ideas. Warm and cuddly is not how you'd describe a Gemini mom, so she'll need to adapt to the sweet, sensitive Pisces child who needs closeness and affection. Gemini Libra Compatibility Gemini and Libra soulmates both have an out-going nature. Libra also cares a lot for his or her partner. Both have a perfect understanding of each other. Gemini gets lot of passion from Libra sun sign. Hardly any dull moment exists in their relationship.

The match is highly compatible. This Gemini friendship is highly compatible because of the wonderful attraction between the two. She likes his social nature while he likes her for being an extrovert. She is attracted by his skillful talk and courageous nature. Problems arise because both are highly indecisive. The common personality trait between these two zodiac signs is that both are creative. Gemini is outgoing and sociable while Libra man is uncultured. She is attracted by his romantic leanings.

They are not highly possessive and give each other space. Both have to control their spending habits. Gemini Scorpio Compatibility Gemini personality traits show they are bright and passionate. They are out going and like partying. They are tactful, casual and selfish. They also hate envious and revengeful behavior. On the other hand Scorpions are cautious and like solitude. They are jealous, egotistic and overprotective. The astrology compatibility between the twin and the scorpion is low as both differ in their thinking and deeds.

Scorpio woman is fascinated by his brilliance and passion. Gemini man is attracted by her faithfulness and enthusiasm. She is envious and difficult to handle. He has no patience and can be unpredictable. Lot of effort is required for them to have a good Gemini compatibility. Initially they may be attracted towards each other. Gemini woman will not be able to keep up to his expectation.

Gemini woman dislikes his jealous and distrustful nature. Scorpio man cannot stand her happy-go-lucky and irresponsible nature. There is absolutely no love compatibility between them. Test Now! Gemini Sagittarius Compatibility Both are impatient and get into verbal fights. They cannot stick to a person or place for a long time. Sagittarius star sign is always engaged in some work or the other while Gemini cannot find the motivation to stick to something worthwhile.

Gemini accepts life as it happens while Sagittarius has a rational approach towards life. There can be very good compatibility if both are flexible and can adjust to each other. Initially dating the Gemini will be fascinating. They are attracted by their passion towards each other. Both are independent, sociable and extroverts. They like to explore new places. As time passes on they become intemperate. She likes to be comfortable in the house and does not like his rational approach to life. This will create problems in relationship.

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man are highly intelligent and indulge in sensible conversations. Both love fun and like socializing. Flirting nature of Gemini star sign may cause anxiety in Sagittarius man. He will encourage her to be more creative and follow her dreams.

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The Gemini compatibility will work out with some adjustments. Gemini cannot stick to boring things and is never a stickler for rules. Capricorn person is cautious and likes to work hard even on dull projects. Zodiac compatibility is possible if Gemini injects seriousness and Capricorn puts some fun in their relationship. She wants him to be faithful to her but he continues to flirt. She gets hurt by his uninhibited nature. Her stable nature does not match with his impetuous nature.

This love relationship can be compatible if she can bend a little and if he can control his flirting. Capricorn man is unadventurous while Gemini woman is highly daring.

Who Makes Gemini Laugh?

She likes his will power and he likes her enthusiasm. The Gemini compatibility is low as she does not like his being an obstruction to her adventures. They have a similar outlook on life which will add to the Gemini compatibility. Gemini person likes the imaginative way of Aquarius person while Aquarius likes the freedom of Gemini. Aquarian has to match the sexual passion of Gemini to strengthen their relationship. There is great compatibility in their qualities, understanding of life, their intelligence, their conversations, passion, exploring new landscapes and interest for change and diversity.

Their relationship will also result in good friendship. Gemini woman and Aquarius man understand each other perfectly more by intuition rather than by conversation and feelings. Both live an unplanned life and are not bound by any rules.

Gemini Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

They are constantly looking for change and adventure in life. Aquarius man can take good care of a Gemini woman and there is high compatibility between the two star signs. Gemini Pisces Compatibility The Gemini love compatibility is based on flexibility and mutual adjustments. Both are on a look out for new ideas.

Pisces is emotional and unrealistic about life. Gemini is selfish and practical.

Gemini compatibility table

Relationship can be more harmonious if Gemini becomes more caring and Pisces learns to be practical. The Twin is constantly changing almost every day which will affect the Gemini compatibility. Pisces woman is looking for security, love and attention. She is also looking for emotional support which cannot be expected from a Gemini man. Pisces woman can use her convincing powers to make the relationship work. Gemini woman is drawn towards a Pisces man by his passion initially. Gemini woman is highly expressive while Pisces man can hardly express his feelings.

Her sharp words can hurt his feelings. The relationship can sustain if he can become more expressive and verbal while she can be more affectionate towards him. See Also:. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Star Signs Compatibility Calculator. Previous Taurus Compatibility.