You may experience misunderstandings, and you will need to make an effort to rekindle your love for your partner. You may feel confused about your feelings for them, which can add to the drama. Male Crabs will need to resist the urge to cheat on their partner if they want their love to reign supreme.

At the same time, your partner will be supportive of you. Underneath any misunderstandings is something special, and if you can reignite this then you can get past anything. You just have to work out whether you really want it! Make your choice, and do it wisely. After this initial trouble at the start of , your love life should steady out, and your personal life will become much more pleasant — whether or not your relationship lasted.

Leo Love Horoscope

On June 13th, Venus enters Gemini, and there is a brief opportunity for new love. Singles should seize the moment if you want to win the affection of someone who you have had your eye on. Existing love will also feel a revitalizing energy. Your partner will reciprocate expressions of love at this time, and overall you will feel that the struggles of the start of the year were well worth it as passion and devotion skyrocket again.

However, you will need to focus on your career, so you may physically find that you spend less time than you really want to with your loved ones in the middle of the year. This could be a factor that contributes to your moodiness, as you will find your success at work could take away from other areas.

Venus passes into Cancer in early July, and this is an excellent time of year to plan to marry. If you feel strongly about your partner, then you might want to pop the question. September also brings an intense and positive time for love and marriage, with the Sun in Virgo, and Mars moving into Sagittarius. Your will feel an increased sense of clarity, and this will allow you to make decisions well.

If you have met someone recently, you will know what to do by the end of this month. If you have been considering marriage, you may come to your conclusions now. You may also experience obstacles in your love life right at the end of the year, as Mars enters Aquarius. You will likely feel and internal mental dissatisfaction no matter what is going on in your life, so try not to project this on your partner, and don't make any tough decisions around this time.

The start of the year can be tough for coupled up Cancer. If you can get past these difficulties, you will find your love life very rewarding. This year is busy for your career, so you may find that your usual loving and nurturing self takes a back seat to your work. Your loved ones will understand and support you, but you should still spend plenty of time with your partner. Leo Love Horoscope Leo, you will find that your love relationships are very strong this year. You feel independent, and at times career driven, but you will notice that your partner is always there to support you, especially when the Sun moves through Pisces in March, and then Aries in April, bringing currents of love that can help you through tougher emotions.

Allow your partner to give you this love, and be careful not to be stubborn and neglect them. On May 20th Venus enters Taurus. You may find yourself extremely busy at work during this time, but could occupy yourself with some romance at the office. For single Leo this could be a good time to meet someone, or to finally catch a drink with that guy or girl who always catches your eye.

In mid-October, Venus is in Scorpio, and you may feel major improvements to your relationships, as well as within yourself. Again, if you are busy or stressed you will feel a lot of support from your partner, but this time you will feel much more strongly like giving it back. If you do commit some time and energy to your lover, busy life aside, it will be greatly appreciated by them. Venus then moves into Sagittarius on November 8th, and brings yet more harmony, accompanied by the romance and excitement of Mercury in Scorpio around the same time. Love is in the air for both singles and married Leo!

Take your partner out lots, have some fun, and take time to remember what it can really be like being head over heels! It might not be the most action packed year for you in terms of love, but that is just because you are working on other areas of your life too.

Leo Horoscope - Daily

You could get it if you want it, and you will! If you are partnered up you will come closer to your partner while advancing your own life. Virgo Love Horoscope Virgo, you may not feel particularly impulsive about your love life this year, and may instead be working on developing yourself, and coming to know your own preferences and desires better. However, if you have a partner you should spend more time with them, and show them that you appreciate them even when you are more focused on business.

The beginning of the year will start out very strongly for couples whose love soared to new heights during You are feeling the love for your partner, and you may even be considering marriage, or planning a wedding. The Sun in Capricorn will carry your relationship forward, and your partner will feel attracted to you.

On March 14th, the Sun transits Pisces, and can bring about misunderstandings with your life partner. Ultimately, you just seem a bit distant, and you will need to explain this to them in order that they can understand that it isn't them if it isn't them! If you do this, you will find that they offer their full support when the Sun enters Aries on April 14th, and will get behind you even if you are not always giving them the time they deserve.

This is expected to continue right until the end of July, and will be given an extra kick by Mars in libra on the 22nd June. Problems in relationships seem to enter your life in a series of misunderstandings or miscommunications, starting around the time Mercury enters Leo on the 27th July.

It is your mind that feels unstable, but you may not be able to see this at the time, instead blaming your partner. You need to take care not to let the situation spiral out of control, because if you don't wake up and realize your own part in the mess you start to drift apart, and you may even find yourself lacking in trust — both for yourself and your partner — as Venus enters Virgo on the 25th August.

Don't give into temptations, and instead seek to resolve with your partner, if you are to save your relationship. Single Virgo at the time will start to find their mind heavily distracted by sex. You may have been 'out of the game' for a while, instead choosing to focus on other aspects of your mind.

With Venus in Virgo you may be seduced by some bad company who will harm when all is said and done. You may feel the most desire at this point in the year Virgo, but this could actually be the least favorable time to go looking for anything — if you do don't expect it to make you happy in the long run. The best time to find new love is actually towards the end of the year.

You will have found more stability in your job by this point, and will have more happiness, and more energy for others. Venus transits Libra on the 19th September, and puts you in a romantic mood This is good for singles and for married Virgo alike, whose partners new and existing will truly appreciate your new rediscovered ability to give love. If you were struggling with relationship problems during August, then you will come to know that it was all worth it. Single Virgo may not be too concerned with finding a life partner, and married Virgo might not always have enough time for their partners in the first half of Make more time for them and you will be happier, and avoid some potential confrontations and misunderstandings as the year goes on.

Libra Love Horoscope What a joyous start to your love life it is in ! The Sun is in Capricorn from the 15th January, and suggest that your partnerships will be full of life. Married Libra can enjoy time well spend with your partner, doing whatever you love — be it going out, or staying in and watching a film. This wave of love continues, and is pushed further by the Sun's movement into Pisces on the 14th March, making your relationship better than it usually is in a lot of ways.

Keep it lighthearted, and you will enjoy rewarding experiences and passionate interactions. Single Libra in the meantime can enjoy more sociable times at the start of the year, with plenty of chances to meet new people and start new relationships. If you desire it you can definitely take the opportunity to get back into dating, or you may prefer to forget about love for now and have some fun going out with friends.

However, in April there can be some problems if you are in a committed relationship, as the Sun moves into Aries and can cause problems for your partner's health. You will need to dedicate more resources to your partner, including time and money, yet there will be less romance to keep you going. This may continue right through to June, with Venus moving into Taurus on the 20th May and causing you to worry more about the whole situation. This will be a testing time for you love, but you should put your care for your partner first if you want your relationship to succeed.

If it isn't a health problem, then another major dilemma will test the strength of your partnership. Although health problems may lift before this time, the true relief with your partner will start from the 27th July, when Mercury enters Leo. At this time you will get what you deserve. If you didn't care for your partner then they may end it, but if you did your love will reach the next level. There will be a true sense of harmony in the home, furthered by Jupiter in Virgo on the 13th August. At this time you may decide to get married! This could be an unusual year for Libra with close partners, but if you pull through problems at the start of the year you will know that your love is true as true can be.

Scorpio Love Horoscope It is a rickety start for you in , and love may be more existent in your mind that it is in reality. If you have a partner, the Sun's presence in Capricorn from the 15th may mean that you spend less time with them, instead opting to focus on your hobby or socializing with good friends. You will see that your partner supports you during this time, and understands and trusts you.

However, be aware that domestic issues are around the corner, when Mars enters Scorpio from the 20th February bringing some communication issues in the home. The solution to this might be to give your partner some space for a while. Just have faith that what feels rough now might only be a surface problem — don't blow it out of the water! When the Sun enters Aries on the 14th April, your marital life will once again reach a place of happiness.

You and your partner will start to feel more in tune with each other, and you may even come together over a life changing event. You could move home, or get a new job, or experience something that will create a resolve in your love life. Single Scorpio can expect to have more chance to find new romance towards the end of May, when Venus enters Taurus from the 20th.

Any partnerships you do form can be very strong. You won't find yourself flitting about, but will become attracted to one person who you find irresistible. This same energy will bring already loved up couples closer to marriage! Another particularly passionate time for both single and married Scorpio, is July. Venus is in Cancer on the 7th, and the Sun passes in on the 15th, and together these two set the house on fire! You will be an enthusiastic lover, and your partner will reciprocate. You feel total bliss! The advice for this time is to be receptive, and not to let anything distract you.

Be in the moment. Nothing can last forever, but the good news for you is the love will last for a while to come.

follow url Mercury could bring some tension to your partnership on the 20th August when it transits Virgo, but if you show commitment at this time your partner will be proud of your efforts and appreciate you even more. It looks like married Scorpio will remain happy, with Mars in Sagittarius suggesting a good mix of love life and personal life — fun and romance eh? Can't be bad. However, if you have been enjoying a new love this year there might be some frightful news on the horizon.

The Sun enters Libra on the 18th October, and suggests a betrayal in your love life. Your lover could cheat on you, run away, or do something that is enough to make you say 'enough is enough! You will look back and wonder how such a fun connection had to end like that, but ultimately it will be for the best. You have to keep your head high at this time, and don't be afraid to seek the expert advice of a loved one or a counselor.

The Sun in Scorpio lifts you back up again at the end of November, and brings you the chance to start something new. Will you be ready for it? Ups, downs, round and rounds, strange attractions, fiery passions, and deep feelings. You had better be in it for the ride Scorpio, because is set to be a pretty crazy year for love. Sagittarius Love Horoscope Venus is in Capricorn from the 12th February, and at this time you are going to feel an immense feeling of respect and support from your partner. You are definitely doing something right in their eyes!

Your job is to appreciate them back, and then you will live joyously with them. In mid-June you will have the chance to show your support back, when your partners will power will seem at an all time low, influenced by Venus' presence in Gemini from June 13th. They will really need you at this time, and it is up to you to be there for them. If you love them you will want nothing more. If you make it through, and manage to be there to see your partner return to be in full form, you will feel the rewards of the energy and ecstasy that they can bring to your life when things are at their best.

At the end of August, with Mercury and Venus both in Virgo, they will be your shining light that gets you through stresses and extra pressures at work. You will start to spend more time to them, and being around them will bring you up. Love hits its top mark when Venus enters Libra on the 19th September, bringing a balance that harmonizes everything you have experienced together in You will eat well together, you may travel and take trips, and all in all you will do what you love with the person you love.

Leo Horoscope 2019 - Leo Astrology 2019 Predictions -

This is also a very auspicious time for singles to find new partners, along with late October, after the Sun enters Libra on the 18th. If you are looking for love, it should look right back at you at these times. Towards the end of the year you may experience your first domestic arguments in a while. Shame with everything running so smoothly, but Mars enters Aquarius on the 12th December to shake things up right before the new year. The key to avoiding major conflict at this time is to control your urge to say nasty things, and to make sure you are totally honest — whether you have known your partner for 10 years, or 2 months.

Love is something that requires a certain depth of understanding, and this year coupled up and married Sagittarius are going to have plenty of opportunities to put this to the test. Singles can also expect chances to find new love, and start a partnership based on mutual understanding and joy.

Capricorn Love Horoscope Capricorn, is an excellent year for love and romance! Couples will strengthen their bonds, and home and married life will be both exciting and solid to the core. Singles will also find opportunities for love throughout the year, so all in all you couldn't really ask for much more help from the planets. The rest will be up to you!

On February 20th Mars will move into Scorpio, creating a gap for you to spend more time with your partner. This will be good for you after an exciting start to the year, and you can make up for any lost time. The Sun enters Pisces on the 14th March, and the message couldn't be clearer: love is in the air!

Give in to your pleasures at this time, and do fun activities with your partner. The best time for marriage this year will come when Mars enters Libra on the 22nd June, giving you the power to communicate your deepest feelings, and to make a proposal if it has been on your mind. Don't be afraid to take a risk and tell your lover how you feel about them. When the Sun moves into Cancer on the 15th June, it can bring the first major signs of trouble for married or coupled Capricorn.

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You may see domestic issues bubble to the surface after months of harmony, and your partner's health could be a problem — you might feel a bit fed up with commitment, but you must see it through if you really care about them. Conversely, the same energy will bring exciting ripples on the water for singles, who can expect their love life to pick up. A new partner might come into your life, or several that make you have to make a choice. You may be focused on your career for a while after this burst of romance, but your loving mood will come back again as the Sun enters Virgo on September 15th, and this will carry you into harmony with your partner once again, held together by Mars in Sagittarius at around the same time.

Horoscope Pisces of the month 3 decans Pisces. When the Sun moves into Pisces on the. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope - September. There will be those of you, whose digestive organs get easily disordered and are prone to chronic complaints like colds, coughs and asthma. This month represents in many ways a continuation, Pisces, of what has already been started these past few weeks.

A Solar Eclipse in your romance sector on July 2 suggests a major opportunity for new love to come your way. Also provided free Pisces love, career, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes for Get your personal monthly horoscope absolutely free. Monthly Horoscope Pisces August Your August Monthly Horoscope.

Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Pisces today. Monthly Horoscope for August. But while it's not easy to know fully, it's good to be a little prepared. Astrological event: On March 6, , the new moon is in the House of Pisces. Find your horoscope and Astrology from Kamal Krish Kapoor, You can also find daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horosocpe, only by KamalKapoor.

Get the monthly pisces horoscope based on moon sign for August month. Get a detailed monthly Pisces sign horoscope for july including house, family, property, finance, education and children section. The date range is from February 18 to March Pisces Yearly Horoscope.

You never lose your sense of your self-interest these days, but it is good to develop your social skills. Which counteracts your great responsibilities and gives you energy. Pisces Horoscope — Forthcoming New Year will prove to be better and more fruitful compared to previous year It seems will bring you accolades and acclaim little fishy, as good luck Jupiter makes his way through your 10th house of career, status, and fame!.

July Pisces Monthly Horoscope - General. Pisces Feb. You must sort the situation with patience and understanding. Jupiter retrogrades from 10th April to 11th August. Pisces Horoscope - Forthcoming New Year will prove to be better and more fruitful compared to previous year And with Jupiter square Neptune all year January 13, June 16, and September 21 , your mystique is only growing in !.

Listen up, this September horoscope energy is real. August Pisces Monthly Horoscope - Professionals. Pisces, Year Ahead Pisces zodiac sign - Get free horoscopes prediction for all zodiac signs at AstroSage. Free Pisces Monthly Horoscope. This still leaves two planets in a playful part of your chart, but with the first leaving tomorrow and the last in six days' time, this is the beginning of the end.

Your phone loses its signal, your travel agent books you into Hollywood, Florida not California or has you arriving in Perris, California and not Paris, France. Decans give your Pisces monthly horoscope a more personal touch. January ; Pisces Health ; Pisces Career Pisces August Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope July Pisces are very expressive in love and you will look to surprise your partner and initiate fun events.

From a material point of view, Uranus shakes things up in your house of worked-for money until 6 March Pisces August Horoscope. Get weekly Pisces Horoscope now!. You will have plenty of time to socialize and meet new professional and personal contacts that will make your life a whole lot interesting. Aug 1 , pm. Capricorn Dec. You have been refining over many months now your understanding of who you are at the very core of your personality, as also reflected in actions based on your most sincere values. Monthly Horoscopes for July Aries 21 March - 20 April You may reach a creative peak as fiery Mars enters Leo, encouraging you to promote yourself and your skills.

These are the options to order your personal reading: These are the. Pisces Monthly Horoscope February 19 — March 20 Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. The transit of Saturn will take place in the tenth house from the birth ascendant. So the stars are will be in love, work, and health. Cherish as there is light at the end of the tunnel, says your Pisces horoscope!

You will see your seeds for long-term dreams, goals and ambitions begin to sprout. Pisces February Horoscope. Free Monthly Horoscope Pisces money June Share Tweet. She became horoscope. Pisces daily horoscope - 21 August August brings a pivotal step that. Pisces September Horoscope Monthly Overview. Free Monthly Horoscope Pisces social life June Astrology and Its Importance in Today life.

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What's in store for you in ? Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope — September. Pisces horoscope August The most important thing will be love, social life, your excess of independence, money, and money. This activation will be showing you what you lack or what you have as a value addition regarding your work. Read your monthly horoscope to find out what this month holds for you. Pisces Monthly Horoscope August Pisces Daily Horoscope You are in an impulsive mood today.

Singles will find a suitable partner. Cancer Monthly Horoscope - September You would enjoy public life and become famous. Amanda Lanzone. August is the time of reckoning and although the story from July is set to change, be held up or even scrapped - you will get to. It's time to love ad open up with all your heart. Monthly Pisces sunsigns horoscope by Astrowow. You could discover your best interests were considered in ways you were oblivious to.

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