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Richard Idemon proposed another division of the signs which he called orientation. Here each sign is divided into three lots of 10 degrees. The first takes on the nature of the sign itself, the second takes qualities of the next sign in its element and the third, the subsequent sign of the same element. The ruling planet of each decan adds a nuance of energy to the original sign. Considering these subtle additions can enhance understanding in the search for compatibility.

Dwadashamshas, or Dwads, is the Hindu word for division of twelve. Like fractal geometry , this technique divides each sign into twelve equal parts of 2. After the seven simple steps, a deeper analysis of the synastry can begin. All cross-aspects are examined and the house emphasis is noted.

The following points and minor planets also illuminate the synastry reading. Angels and Midpoints Suggesting Attraction and Bonding. Ascendant Awakens, inspires, acknowledges socially.

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It can feel heavenly to have personal planets contact here! Vertex Sudden turn of affairs, epiphany, instant attraction, immediate sense that something WILL happen together. Lunar Nodes Familiar, bonded fascination, feeling of kinship or destiny, comfortable vs challenging as time progresses. Part of Fortune Sense of joy, ease and creative pleasure.

Longing for union. Creative, artistic, active, outgoing. No hiding this one. Transformation whether taboo or not. Does the synastry agree? Winston Churchill would have been a taxing man to live with! His tremendous focus on world affairs left him little time to nurture the emotive needs of a marriage and his bombastic nature was given to unpredictable and tempestuous display.

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He drank. He smoked. He had a pressured life of which his marriage was only one aspect. Yet his compatibility with Clementine is undeniable. For Clementine, the marriage was her vocation. Intelligent and well educated, she supported and influenced her husband throughout his long public career, putting the relationship above her personal goals, ambition and children. Even brief escapades, on both sides, did not spoil the union. His Moon in Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus adds a noble bearing with a drive for fulfillment in the limelight.

Although Mars is in its detriment, the first house placement adds fuel to the fire as does the conjunction with Jupiter. The Virgo Ascendant brings discernment; the chart ruler in Scorpio suggested shrewdness. Contrarily, it lasted 56 years, filling boxes and drawers with intimate love letters, notes and messages that passed unceasing between. Without an accurate birth time for Clementine, her chart has been drawn flat with zero degrees of Aries on the Ascendant.

A natural way to live out such energy is though a powerful man and she found herself one of the most potent in the world! The seven simple steps take a closer look at this notable relationship. This adds might, courage and individualism to the dignified and gregarious Leo Moon, along with a dose of sympathy and kindness. He would need energy, camaraderie and a sense of being special to feel nurtured.

She would need relationship to feel nurtured and emotionally connected. It is likely that the Moons are sextile, creating a channel to awaken both the inner world and the desire to nurture each other. The Sun signs trine by element indicate a commensurate high energy level and mutual need to feed each other with doses of enthusiasm, audacity and exploration. With his Sun in the first decan of Sagittarius, there is the added Jupiter influence of talk, trek and talk some more.

The Aquarius Dwad brings a larger social perspective and tenacity. The couple matched in vitality and vision. Is the level of education and approach to communication compatible? Both were well educated people, though Clementine did better academically than Winston. A passionate writer and speaker, his words moved the masses!

After 11 years of marriage she wrote to him, "You took me from the straitened little by-path I was treading and took me with you into the life and colour and jostle of the high-way What is the balance of power in the relationship? Clementine has the more powerful Mars by sign and she influenced Winston throughout the decades of their union. She took his place in his absence, and sometimes in his presence. She became an international figure. She had power, and she used it. Always she had a mind of her own.

In an era where male and female roles where dictated by tradition, Clementine wielded her Aries Mars Aries Decan and Dwad! Winston wielded his first house Mars conjunct Jupiter in front of the entire world.

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Both Winston and Clementine came from upper-class family backgrounds and moved in high society. Her Jupiter in Leo indicates dignity and a drive for social power. The Aries decan adds more strength and courage and the Gemini Dwad suggest wit, charm and urge to communicate. The Gemini decan adds versatility and, again, the urge to communicate. The Cancer Dwad brings intuitive sensitivity and gut instinct to an intellectual approach. They both loved to travel, explore and adventure, together and independently.

Step 7: What is the nature of the physical attraction? Clementine would sometime write to Winston in French, saying it was easier to be passionate that way. Compare your Sun signs in the grid. How do your emotional needs compare? Find your Moon signs in the compatibility grid. The following interpretations of compatibility are based on comparison of the following planets and points.

Distinction is made between yin-yang combinations and yin-yin or yang-yang combinations:. It is an easier merging, but not as exciting a combination as Venus-Mars. Although specifically designed for the combinations above, these interpretations can also be read for the following combinations:. There is a wonderful sense of ease and compatibility when love signs are trine. It feels good, it feels natural, and you complement each other well. Your styles in expressing love are similar enough to generate a luxurious understanding between the two of you and sometimes a sense of relief if either of you have been involved in clashes before this relationship!

Although there may be times when the ease of this combination leaves you wanting for more thrills and drama in love, let this feeling pass and enjoy your partner. This is true love. Crimson Red. Your signs are conjunct or in the same sign. No matter what combination of planets and points you are comparing, there is an enormous and instant sense of recognition. Yin-Yang combinations: This combination is the most exciting, in-your-face attraction when the planets compared are yin and yang: Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars, Eros-Psyche, etc.

See Yin-Yang combinations above. These combinations can easily generate the feeling that this relationship is IT. It can seem like fate had a hand in getting you together, because the way you meet may be serendipitous. This relationship, no matter how long it lasts, is an unforgettable one. When these types of relationships dissolve, each party is likely to either cherish the memory, secretly wish to meet each other again one day , or feel haunted by the memory. Whatever the case may be, this relationship remains etched in your minds. The chemistry is powerful, instant, and dynamic, and your feelings are intense.

In some cases, these two may be too alike. Light Purple. Your signs are sextile, or in signs that are sextile. The theme for this combination is ease. You are comfortable with one another, and you make each other feel good. The attraction in this case is not all-consuming or instantaneous. This could be the case where the two of you grow onto each other.

What decan are you? The 36 decans of the zodiac signs.

Your inherent compatibility becomes apparent the more you interact with each other. Sometimes the bond is purely platonic, and whether it grows into something more depends on the combination of other planets. Given time, you truly begin to appreciate each other. This gently evolving quality bestows both of you with a feeling that this partnership is going somewhere , albeit in a gradual, step-by-step manner.

Yin-Yang combinations: An easy attraction between you is present. Neither of you may be pressed to go forward with a relationship right away, but the more you interact, the more you appreciate how easily you relate to one another. Yin-Yin and Yang-Yang combinations: The attraction is not insistent. Instead, you feel comfortable with one another. Your love signs are in opposition, or in signs that are opposite.

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Astrology throughout the World. Astrological Transits. Numerology Numerological glossary. Susan from the site Free-Horoscope. I've been with my Aries partner for 13 years and in love with a Taurus, Taurus is also in love with me but lives thousands of miles away We are hoping destiny brings us to eternity. Could you provide a forecast of this love triangle and a forecast of my career please?

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Thank you. I loved a Girl whether she is will be my life partner.