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Going on a journey will prove to be fruitful for Taurus natives, and people who were planning to go on a trip for a long time will get their wishes fulfilled in this duration. This house represents the ups and downs in life. Due to the influence of this transit, there may be a rise in your ego, which will lead to you behaving rudely with your closed ones and hurting them with your words. Therefore, you are advised to think before speaking and evaluate the effects of your words on others. During this time, you will become sensually active, which will affect your concentration power.

If you wish to gain rewarding results, then you will have to work hard.

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Put in your efforts to fulfil your dreams and make the most of this opportunity. Time will be good on the familial front, and you will be able to give time to your parents also. Also, you can share something important about your life with your parents. In order to improve it, one can meditate or take the aid of yoga. Seventh house will be occupied by the planet Venus, which is the house of marriage and represents life long partnerships. This transit will be beneficial for your marital and love life.

Where on one hand married natives will spend quality time with their spouses, natives in love, on the other, will propose their respective partners for marriage. Working natives will successfully perform well in their workspace. You will remain devoted towards your work in this duration. You will take steps towards fulfilling your responsibilities, which will make your parents happy. You need to remain cautious regarding your health, as any health-related problem may arise in the near future. Remember that a healthy body, mind and soul helps your life to the fullest and support others as well.

Planet Venus is transiting in your sixth house of enemies, and its placement can bring challenges and obstacles in your life. Hereby, you need to remain cautious during this time. Your enemies can disguise themselves as friends but they will be pretending all the way and at the end, you will get cheated by them. Working natives may have to face challenges because of their juniors. During this time, you can shut down your opponents with your skills. Married natives must understand that it is in their best interest to eliminate any dispute or argument and mend their relationship.

If you are upset with your beloved, then initiate to know the cause and try and divert their mind. You need to remain patient this time, and not overreact. Fifth house will be occupied by the planet Venus in this duration. This house represents your kids, knowledge and intelligence.

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This transit will bring fruitful results on a social front. You will act politely with people, and come forward to help anyone. You may take some serious actions to introduce positive changes within your family. With those decisions, there are chances of financial prosperity in your life.

If planning to buy a new house or vehicle, then go ahead in this duration. Working class people must execute their plannings and strategies rather than just talking about it.

वार्षिक राशिफल सभी राशियों के लिए । Yearly Hindi Horoscope Rashifal

Time is advantageous for students. Also, you need to show your creative side to the people. Natives associated with sports will perform well. Although before being a part of any sport, you must be aware of your health and fitness levels, as troubles can arise. This transit of Venus can transform your life in a positive manner. In familial life, relations with your family members will improve.

You might plan to go and meet your family in case you live far away from them. On the other hand, you may think of purchasing a new house or vehicle. During this time, you can make your parents happy by helping and serving them. Employed natives will focus on their work and emerge victorious.

Your intellectual brilliance will not allow any opponent to stand in front of you. Along with this, you may read some interesting books in this duration.

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  • You understand the significance of special moments in life, but fail to enjoy it due to your busy schedule. But during this period, you will get plenty of time for yourself and your closed ones. Venus will enter the third house of your kundli during this transit.

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    This is the house of might and valour. During the transit of Venus in this house, you will enjoy executing tasks which require creativity such as art and music. Also, these tasks will reward fruitful results as well and help to attain mental peace. It is important to understand that taking out time for yourself from this bustling life is important. You will be seen spreading happiness within the family, and resolving the troubles of others whereas hiding yours will give you a sense of self-satisfaction.

    Your bright, smiling face will also make your family members happy. Those single may come across a person during this time with whom they may share a life together. Time can be challenging for working natives, and they may feel stressed and overburdened from excessive work. In order to rejuvenate yourself, do Pranayama. Hence, your relationship with your younger siblings may improve. Planet Venus will enter the second house in its transit motion.

    Makar Rashi December 2019 - Capricorn Horoscope December - Best Astrologer - Arvind Tiwari

    This house is known as the Dhana Bhava and also signifies your speech. Money is an important factor to lead a comfortable lifestyle, which is why you tend to save money and earn more. Also, an auspicious event can take place within your family in this duration. Remember, that your voice is your identity, and through this you represent yourself and your thoughts. Hence, people will come closer to you if you speak politely. Marital life will become blissful, as your life partner will feel attracted towards you and you will get the opportunity to spend romantic moments with them.

    Time for students will remain beneficial, as your mentors and teachers can get impressed with the scale of your intelligence. Along with that, you will start focusing on subjects which need more attention. The first house or Lagna house, will be occupied by the planet Venus during this transit. This transit will prove to be advantageous and will deliver desirable results in various aspects of life.

    Makar rashi (Capricorn) November 12222 Rashiphal (Rashifal)

    Natives who are in love must listen to their beloved rather than speaking out their thoughts, as doing this can help eliminate several doubts and misunderstandings between you two. Those who are married will spend quality time with their spouse and create some memorable moments together. To overcome the financial difficulties in life, you can make a significant decision with your partner. People of this sign who are associated with the business of art, craft and beauty are likely to attain beneficial results. Familial life will be filled with prosperity and your parents will remain contented with your behaviour.

    However, you may get into an argument with your siblings, but it will get resolved easily. Overall, this transit proves to be favourable for you. During this transit, you may spend lavishly on leisurely and comfort goods in order to live a luxurious life.